Express train to the Isonzo Front

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Compared to last year’s four-day trip, there will be more optional programs this year, and the journey itself will also offer a unique experience: both the outward and return routes of the Isonzo Express lead through the Semmering Pass, the first alpine railway of the world.


Day 1: Sunday, 17th July, 2016

The Isonzo Express departs from Budapest-Nyugati railway station in the morning, with destination Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Further boarding opportunities at Kelenföld, Tatabánya, Győr, and Sopron railway stations. The route leads through the famous Semmering Pass, the first alpine railway of the world, which was inaugurated in 1854, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site from 1990. Not only the beautiful scenery of the Alps gives a stunning sight, but the structures of the Semmering railway: 14 tunnels, 16 viaducts, over 100 stone bridges and passageways fit into the mountainous landscape. During travelling, presentations and discussions will be held in community wagons „Orfeum” and „VELO Veled!”, and a thematic exhibition on board of the train can be viewed. Upon arrival at Nova Gorica late in the afternoon. After a short greeting, transfer to accommodation in Nova Gorica, in 3- and 4-star hotels.

Day 2: Monday, 18th July, 2016

After having breakfast, the program continues. Bus trip to the Cerje Monument, a seven-storey fortress with museum and exhibition of Slovenian history, its top floor offers a panoramic platform with a great view of the landscape, the venues of former battles: the Komen Plateau, Doberdo, and Gorizia. After leaving the memorial, the Doberdo Plateau can be reached in a short time: visiting the museum in San Martino del Carso, then visiting the memorial pyramid of Infantry Regiment No. 4 from Nagyvárad. Walking tour on the hill of Monte San Michele, visiting the former Austro-Hungarian caverns, trenches, tunnels, memorial sites, and the museum. Visiting the Hungarian chapel in Visintini, commemorating and honouring the heroes. Visiting the Italian military cemetery and the monumental war memorial in Redipuglia, then the Austro-Hungarian military cemetery in Fogliano. Lunchtime en route in Gradisca, accommodation in Nova Gorica.

Day 3: Tuesday, 19th July, 2016

After breakfast, bus travel to Kobarid (Caporetto), visiting the museum and the Italian ossuary. Continuing the tour on the Kolovrat Range with a visit to the open air World War I memorial, that offers a unique panoramic view of the Isonzo valley. Leaving the over 1,000-meter-high ridge, a visit in the military cemetery in Tolmin-Loče. After the programs, transfer to the accommodation in Nova Gorica.

Day 4: Wednesday, 20th July, 2016

Having breakfast, then free time or facultative programs. For details, please contact your tour operator.

Day 5: Thursday, 21st July, 2016

Breakfast, then bus transfer to Sveto, location of the central commemoration. Official commemoration and wreathing of the fallen heroes of World War I. Departure back to Hungary by train late in the afternoon, arrival in Budapest in the evening. Disembarking opportunities at Sopron, Győr, Tatabánya, Kelenföld, and Budapest-Nyugati railway stations.

Onboard services

The train consists of several nostalgia dining cars as well, offering hot meals and drinks.

  • Short and soft drinks, coffee, tea and snacks can be purchased at the bar of „Orfeum” wagon.
  • On board of the train, explanatory audio sound system will be used to give you information about the journey.
  • During both the outward and return journeys, lectures will be held by historians having been researching the Isonzo region for years.
  • On the way military traditionalists will give presentations in the community wagon „VELO Veled!”
  • Various on-board publications can give you better knowledge of the visited sites.

Like last year, Sebő band will provide music, and passengers could learn marching songs from National Artist of Hungary Ferenc Sebő and his band.

Participation fees


3-star hotel

4-star hotel

Double room

89 900 HUF/person

99 900 HUF/person

Single room supplement

13 000 HUF/person

17 000 HUF/person

Additional bed discount

5000 HUF/person

5 000 HUF/person

Half-board charge

10 000 HUF/person

13 900 HUF/person

Mandatory resort fee

1600 HUF/person

1600 HUF/person

Optional cancellation insurance (BBP)

4500 HUF/person


Optional illness and luggage insurance

Pullman Club wagon extra charge

20 000 HUF/person

20 000 HUF/person

Participation fee includes: special train trip in second class, accommodation for 4 nights, optionally in 3- or 4-star hotel, bed and breakfast, necessary transfers, guided tour in Hungarian language, professional guided tours on military history, on-board presentations and publications.

Extra costs in addition to the participation fee: personal expenditures, facultative programs, other meals not included hereinbefore, illness and luggage insurance (BBP), mandatory resort fee, Pullman Club extra charge, half-board charge.

Further information

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